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You are a jewelry designer and you have created an innovative piece? Whether it's the materials used, the technology or the way of wearing, discover your innovative jewel with us and try to get an exhibition space at BIJORHCA PARIS which will take place from September 7th to 10th, 2018!

3 of you are reserved for a physical presence on the show and 10 others will see their piece displayed on the wall of innovation.

The jury will be composed of Jean-Louis Niedermaier, President of the BOCI Trade Union Chamber, Aude Leperre, Exhibition Director, Elizabeth Leriche, Exhibition Artistic Director, and the ambassador blogger for the session.

Participations :

du 13 avril 2018 à 16:00

au 1 juin 2018 à 15:00

Votes :

du 1 juin 2018 à 15:00

au 18 juin 2018 à 15:00

Annonce des gagnants :

le 22 juin 2018 à 15:00

À gagner :

Choix du jury :

For the 3 first chosen by the Jury :

  • An exhibition space on the exhibition's innovation pole.
  • An article on CHALLANGEL's blog.
  • Visibility on the BIJORHCA PARIS and CHALLANGEL networks.

For the 10 following winners chosen by the Jury :

  • Display of their creation on the wall of innovation present on the show.
  • 3 invitations to BIJORHCA PARIS 2018.
  • Visibility on the BIJORHCA PARIS and CHALLANGEL networks.

The following 10 winners who win the display of their creation on the wall of the innovation:

All winning creators will be put in direct contact with the organizers of the show. They will be contacted soon for organisation of awards (the coming to the show, display of the creation...)

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all participants for their innovative creations !

Choix du public :

  • 3 invitations to BIJORHCA PARIS.
  • Visibility on the BIJORHCA PARIS and CHALLANGEL networks.

Règlement :

  • Any participant in this challenge must have a professional status. He must also be able to make his innovation available for sale.
  • The winner agrees to be avalaible for the duration of BIJORHCA PARIS from 7th to 10th of september 2018.
  • The 3 winners benefiting from an exhibition space must be able to present a complete collection.
  • The challenge is open to the jewelery sector only.
  • The challenge is not open to creators who have participated in less than one of the last 3 editions (Jan. 18, Sept. 17, Jan. 17), or to creators in the process of registering for the September session.
  • CHALLANGEL and BIJORHCA PARIS do not cover travel and accommodation costs related to this challenge.
  • CHALLANGEL and the fair BIJORHCA PARIS reserve the right to cancel their collaboration with the winners if they do not respect the rules of the challenge.
  • CHALLANGEL reserves the right to validate or not the participations.
  • The "Audience Award" will be awarded to the participant with the most votes after the voting period. The "Jury Prize" of BIJORHCA PARIS will be awarded to participants nominated by the BIJORHCA PARIS jury regardless of the votes.
  • The CHALLANGEL Terms of Use remain applicable.