Exposez votre collection au SALON BIJORHCA PARIS

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Do you want an exhibition space at the BIJORHCA PARIS show taking place from 20 to 23 January 2017? Today, the show organisers are offering you an opportunity to win this space and to showcase the most beautiful items from your costume jewellery collection. 3 winners will be chosen by a jury including the exhibition manager, Aude Leperre and the famous fashion designer Stella Cadente.

Send a representative picture of your costume jewellery collection or your best creations. Do not hesitate to visit the salon BIJORHCA website.

NOTE: this challenge is open to costume jewellery creators only!

Participations :

du 12 octobre 2016 à 16:30

au 16 novembre 2016 à 15:00

Votes :

du 16 novembre 2016 à 15:01

au 30 novembre 2016 à 15:00

Annonce des gagnants :

le 20 janvier 2017 à 15:00

À gagner :

Choix du jury :

Three participants will each win:

  • An exhibition space ("art" oriented space, with exceptional items and/or possible presentation)
  • 10 invitations to the BIJORHCA PARIS show
  • Visibility on the CHALLANGEL and BIJORHCA PARIS networks

Choix du public :

One participant will win:

  • 10 invitations to the BIJORHCA PARIS show
  • Visibility on the CHALLANGEL networks

Règlement :

  • Every participant in this challenge must have a professional status. However, no sale will be authorised during the BIJORHCA PARIS show.
  • Every participant must have sufficient varieties of items in order to have a varied exhibition space.
  • The winner must be available throughout the duration of the event, i.e. from 20/01/17 to 23/01/17.
  • Neither CHALLANGEL nor Salon BIJORHCA PARIS shall bear the travel and accommodation expenses inherent in this challenge.
  • The "Prix du public (people's choice prize") will be awarded to the participant with the highest number of votes after the voting period. The "Prix du Salon BIJORHCA PARIS (BIJORHCA PARIS show prize" shall be given to the participants chosen by the jury of the BIJORHCA PARIS show, regardless of the results of the votes.
  • The winners' names shall be announced on site on 20/01/2017. Any person not contacted before 01/12/2016 may consider him/herself not selected by the jury. The 3 winners of the jury, as well as the public's winner, will be contacted by private message on 01/12/2016.
  • CHALLANGEL reserves the right to cancel its collaboration with the winner if the winner violates the rules of the challenge.
  • CHALLANGEL also reserves the right to validate or not to validate the participants.
  • The  CHALLANGEL General Terms and Conditions of Use  remain applicable.