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Frequently Asked Questions - Creators

How to join Challangel’s creative community ?

Create your personal account. Click on « Sign in » (at the top right of the menu). You can then subscribe by filling a short form and choose a password. This access is strictly personal and enables you to see your profile and yours posts.

Once your account is approved, you can start to take up challenges you want, vote, comment, follow creatives as you, register to events and introduce yourself to the community.

Do I need to be professional to be considered as a creative ?

No. Whether professional or amateur, you’re welcome on Challangel. It doesn’t required specific work experience or a diploma to be creative on the platform. Challangel could in no way be considered as an employer. No subordinate relationship exists nor should exist between Challangel and the creatives.

Nevertheless, some challenges require professional status. If required it will be specified in the challenge rules.

Do I have to pay to register ?

No. Registration is free for creatives.

How can I take part in a challenge ?

First of all, you need to create your account on Challangel. Then, take a look at challenges by clicking the « challenges » tab in main menu. Once you have chosen your challenge, click on the « I take part » button to download your creation (in the meantime, you have to expressly agree with terms and conditions of the challenge) and get the chance to win a prize.

Can I participate as many times as I want for one challenge ?

The number of participations authorized is specified for each challenge.

Why has my participation been rejected ?

Your participation may have been rejected, because it certainly didn’t respond to the brief, the guidelines and/or the rules of the challenge. If your participation has been rejected, no panic, you still have a chance to compete with another creation. The participation that matters is the approven one.

How to win a challenge ?

Each challenge has its own rules. Read carefully the guidelines before and respect the deadlines. When the time is out, you won’t be allowed to participate anymore.

Can I register as a creative without competing in a challenge ?

Of course. You can create your account before competing in a challenge. This account will allow you to follow and support other creatives, to register to events, to update your personal profile which will be your « business card » among the community.

How are the winners chosen ?

At the end of the challenge, 2 awards are usually given :  Public Prize and Jury Prize.

The Public Prize is given to the creative the most supported by the Challangel community. The more votes he gathered, the highest he gets in the rancking. We recommend you to share among your friends and your relatives your participation so that they can support you and increase your chance to win the Public Prize.

The Jury Prize is awarded to the creation that meet the best the briefing of the challenge and that appeals the most  to the Jury, regardless the number of votes. The winners are not automatically those on the top ranking.

May the Public Prize be also the Jury Prize ?

Sure. The Jury can choose the same winner as the Public.

What kind of rewards are offered ?

Rewards depends on the challenge : stand, exhibition space, brand collaboration, invitations, gifts ...

Do I keep copyrights when taking part in a challenge ?

Yes, you are still rights owner when you participate. Need more details, please see the General terms and Conditions of Use of Challangel.


Any other question ? Please ask us on our online chat, we would be pleased to help you !