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CHALL’ANGEL is a creative collaborative web platform that lets creatives from all backgrounds take part in calls for creation launched by brands. These calls are organised in the form of a "challenge". A challenge can be taken up by creatives on the platform with prizes of their choice as a bonus. All brands use CHALL’ANGEL to find talents with whom they can collaborate.


Why join CHALL’ANGEL ?

There are several benefits to be mentioned :

  • Visibility. Joining CHALL’ANGEL’s creative collaborative platform is an opportunity for any creative to get themselves known in the environment and to meet and discover other creatives. It’s a quick and easy way to gain a web presence and to present and share one's creations.
  • Discover brands and collaborate in their future projects. CHALL’ANGEL is a meeting place enabling creatives to communicate with brands and get themselves noticed.
  • Stimulate your artistic senses by taking up challenges launched by well-known brands.
  • Be part of a worldwide team of creatives and enthusiasts.
  • Share and collaborate with other creatives on the platform.


What are the steps in a challenge ?

challangel 1

challangel 2

challangel 3

challangel 4


Can I post a creation without participating in a challenge  ?

Yes it's possible ! If no challenge interests you but you want to challenge a brand with one of your creations. Click the "Call the brand!" button on the home page, and then click "I post". Once sent and validated, the brand will have access to your « creative challenge » and can leave you a comment. Your fans will also be able to follow you and share your creations.