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Frequently Asked Questions - Challangel

What is Challangel ?

Challangel is a creative collaborative web platform that puts in touch events organisers / brands and creative communities. Those communities answer calls of projects, as « challenges » to take up. Rewards : exhibition stands during trade fairs, shows, designer markets, brands collaborations… As an event organiser, it’s a new way to recruit new exhibitors and visitors.

What’s behind a challenge ?

A challenge is a call of projects launched by events organisers/brands. Looking for new designers or more visitors for their event, we convert their need in a challenge on our website challangel.com. A lot of contests for the creative community to win new opportunities : exhibition stands, contracts, collaborations...

Why join Challangel ?

  • Increase visibility : Joining Challangel’s creative collaborative platform is an opportunity for any creatives to get themselves known, to exhibit and share their creations and to discover other creatives. For events organisers and brands, it’s an easy way to improve brand awareness among creative communities and to hire new talents.
  • Discover, follow and take part in events : Challangel is a meeting place enabling creative communities and events organisers/brands to communicate with each others.
  • Share your passion with others creatives on the platform : meet, follow talents, register to events… be part of a worldwide creative community.

What are the steps of a challenge ?


Challenges announcement

Events organizers or brands call upon the creative community within a project.


Creative community participation

The creative community meets Events organizers’ or brands' challenges by posting their creations on the platform.


Opening of the votes

The audience supports his favourite creative with vote, comment, share.


Prize Awards

After the votes, winners will be announced : Public’s choice and Jury’s choice.