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Welcome !
What’s Chall’angel all about ?

It all began with a business trip to Brazil in 2014… Marina Giacco, who was first a stylist and then the founder of a cinema photography production company, had been coming across outstandingly talented people - some amateurs, some enthusiasts and some freelancers - for more than fifteen years. She noticed that these talented people were often looking for ways of hooking up with brands and that brands themselves were on the lookout for these kinds of creative know-how. During a trip to Brazil, she put a Parisian workshop in touch with some embroiderers she met during a shooting and then, following on from this successful collaborative experience, she set up Chall’angel - an innovative platform the aim of which is to get brands and creative people working together - in 2014.

Since then, CHALL’ANGEL has developed its network of creative people and there are now more than 55,000 members taking part in challenges launched by businesses, including freelancers, enthusiastic amateurs, start-ups, etc. in order to meet all of their creative needs.

Chall’angel also offers you its platform on an “own-brand” basis. A dedicated site decked out in your own livery, where employees or clients can take up the challenges your company launches. You can get your staff working together on a project and make the most of your clients’ creativity. We manage the whole thing from end to end, from setting up the platform, to running the community and personalised follow-up.

Our three solutions

Ask our Chall’angel community
by launching one or more challenges on our platform. Creative ideas, ideas or polls - every challenge meets one of your needs.

Manage your community
(employees or clients) using a personalised dedicated platform.

Recruit a new community
so that you can tailor it precisely to your needs, by launching your challenge either on our platform or on your own dedicated site.

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The Chall’angel team can support you at every stage of your challenges.
We make sure everything runs smoothly - the designing of the site and the challenges, managing the community… a turnkey service!

Get your clients/employees organised with a site that reflects your own identity.

Create your own dedicated site

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